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Professional Astrologer Suzan Hayden will amaze you with accurate and entertaining readings with a mix of humor and compassion. Clients leave feeling better and have more clarity about what to do next. Certified with the American Association of Professional Psychics, Suzan also interprets dreams. Suzan is available for corporate events, trade shows, promotional events, picnics, bookstores, holiday events, private parties, as well as TV or radio shows. Impress your clients, guests or friends with the memorable Astrologer/Speaker/Wedding Officiant Suzan Hayden.

For over 18 years I’ve been hired to do astrological readings at corporate events sponsored by Chicago Bulls, Allstate Corporate Offices, McDonald’s Corporate Offices, Leo Burnett Advertising, Trek Bike Convention, Anderson Consulting, Arthur Anderson, Navy Pier, Illinois Bar Association, Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants, Hollywood Casino, HoChuck Casino, Mercy Hospitals, Gardino’s, Summerfest Milwaukee, just to name a few. (References on request.)

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER-Suzan discusses the personality traits of successful individuals from DaVinci to Oprah and how they redirected their challenging traits they developed in their childhood and family environment. She uses their natal charts and interprets their personality. Suzan interacts with your guests and asks for those who would like to have their chart analyzed to see how they can overcome their current challenges. High energy and fun speaking event. Leaves your guests buzzing for weeks.

ENTERTAINING AT YOUR EVENT OR HAVE AN ASTROLOGICAL PARTY. Invite friends over for fun times and to see what’s happening astrologically. Find out more about your personality, recent events, upcoming events (what to look forward to and what to avoid) and relationship compatibility, plus any other questions you or your guest may have. I’ll design the party for your group – for an afternoon, evening, or all-day event. Ideal for women’s groups, corporate event, school, theme party, bridal shower, wedding reception, post prom activity, birthday and holiday gatherings.

WEDDING OFFICIANT-MINISTER. Her unique service is a wonderful option for couples on the marriage track. It appears to your guests as if Suzan has known you for years by incorporating your special traits and little quirks (observed in your astrological chart) into the ceremony.

CLASSES. Gather your group for entertaining presentations on Basic Astrology or Personality Traits of Famous Stars & Political Figures.


Natal & Progressed Chart Reading
The natal chart is derived from the calculated position of the planets at the precise moment and place of your birth. The interpretation of the chart yields an in-depth, psychologically-oriented character analysis revealing strengths, talents, abilities, potential challenges and blind spots. We can cover issues regarding money, values, communications, home, family, creativity, children, social life, health, coworkers, partnerships, sex, death, spirituality, travel, education, legal matters, career, status, friends, goals, group activities, secrets and hidden enemies. The progressed chart looks at what is happening now and for the next year of your life focusing on the upcoming year. It helps you get the big picture and any major trends ending or starting in your life.

Relationship Compatibility
Comparing two individual natal charts, revealing the intricacies of any relationship. The session clarifies existing strengths and weaknesses and suggests strategies to help the partners.