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FEBRUARY 2017. Your ruling planet Pluto is in Capricorn in your 3rd house. Expect major changes in the way you communicate, your neighborhood or siblings. Since it’s retrograde and 1 of your ruling planets you may not have endurance to say as much as you want to.

Mercury is in Capricorn in your 3rd house until the 7th. Serious communications and thoughts have been coming and going nonstop, so give yourself a well deserved breather, so you can think straight. Between the 7th and the 26th Mercury will be in Aquarius in your 4th house. You may suddenly talk with family members you haven’t talked to in awhile. Also, you may suddenly think about moving during this time. After the 26th Mercury will move into Pisces in your 5th house. Conversations with the kids or your lover will be more understanding and compassionate. Your thinking will be more creative when it comes to your social life or investments.

Venus is in Pisces in your 5th house until the 4th. Time to be more understanding with the kids or your lover. It’s the perfect time to find creative ways to be more social. It’s a well deserved break now. On the 4th Venus moves into Aries in your 6th house and due to the retrograde will stay until early June. Expect to be working more and make more money because you have more opportunities for extra work. Also, you can improve your health regime by leaps and bounds. Spend a little extra money by joining a health club.

Mars is in Aries in your 6th house. It’s the perfect time to be more active and assertive at work. Take the lead with coworkers and motivate instead of bully. Also, put equal energy into improving your health or health regime. 2016 took its toll on your health and energy levels, so find realistic ways to improve your regime.

Jupiter is in Libra in your 12th house for about a year. You’ll take more time alone to recharge your spirits or heal any health problems.

Saturn is in Sagittarius in your 2nd house for about a year. You need to seriously consider what you really value. Once you do that your finances will improve with hard work.

Uranus is in Aries in your 6th house. Sudden improvements in your health will help you remarkably now or if you wait too long to fix health issues they will suddenly pop up and you’ll need to deal with them. More excitement or upsets with coworkers or in your work environment.

Neptune is in Pisces in your 5th house. You may tend to over-idealize any relationship that comes into your life or you actually have the ideal relationship come into your life. See them as they are, meaning both the good and bad side.

The New Moon on the 11th is in Leo in your 10th house. In the few days leading up to the 11th you want more attention or respect from those involved in your career. On the 26th the Full Moon is in Pisces in your 5th house. You’re more understanding or compassionate with the kids or your lover. Expect to feel more creative in your social life.