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Week starting February 13, 2017
MONDAY STARTS OUT WITH THE MOON IN Sagittarius in your 1st house, so you’re back to your optimistic, confident and educated self. Mercury sextiles Uranus today. Take the initiative and trust your intuition about your lover, the kids or those in your social life. At 8:30am the moon trines Uranus. You’re the life of the party now, so enjoy. At 5:30pm the moon conjuncts Saturn. Take responsibility for what you really want in your life. Then, the moon goes void of course for the rest of the day, so finish up activities you can do on your own. Get to bed early.

Tuesday the moon is in Capricorn in your 2nd house, so you’re more responsible for improving finances in your life. Mercury trines Jupiter today. You’re optimistic about conversations or ideas about goals or friends. At 11:15pm the moon squares Venus. You’re spending too much money on the kids, your lover or social life.

Wednesday the moon continues through Capricorn. Mars squares Pluto today. In the past 2 weeks you’ve been frustrated with the kids or lover are spending too much of your money. At 1:30pm the moon conjuncts Pluto. You’re obsessing on finances now. At 2:15pm the moon squares Mars. Watch out for arguing with the kids or your lover about finances. At 7:30pm the moon squares Uranus. The kids or your lover are being more unpredictable about finances or values. At 9:30pm the moon squares Jupiter. You’re overemotional about your financial goals. Then, the moon goes void of course until 11:15am Thursday, so finish up activities involving money or values and get to bed early.

Thursday the moon continues through Capricorn, but the moon is void of course until 11:15am, so you may oversleep this morning. At 11:15am the moon moves into Aquarius in your 3rd house, so you’re being especially witty or someone you weren’t expecting to hear from calls you. Mercury sextiles Saturn today. Have a serious conversation about communications today.

Friday the moon continues through Aquarius. Spend the day being witty or coming with new ideas for yourself.

Saturday the moon continues through Aquarius. Mercury moves into Pisces in your 4th house for the next few weeks. Your thoughts or conversations will revolve around home and family and trying to be more understanding with them. First thing this morning the moon trines Jupiter. You’re optimistic about conversations with friends or about your goals. The moon is void of course between noon and 6:30pm, so finish up communications. At 6:30pm the moon moves into Pisces in your 4th house. You’re more confused or understanding towards family. At 6:45pm the moon conjuncts Mercury. You finally say what’s on your mind to family members.

Sunday the moon continues through Pisces and the energy of this morning’s Solar Eclipse has been kicking in for the past 2 ½ months. Mars conjuncts Uranus today. In the past 2 weeks the kids or your lover have been more unpredictable.

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